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Kloudeo provides high performing on-demand DevOps Engineers to automate and scale your Product Development. Our cloud experts deliver modern, integrated end-to-end cloud solutions. We merge cloud and open-source technologies to bring business benefits that save time and costs.

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Your DevOps Experts

The AWS , Azure and Google cloud platform is designed to offer advanced cloud-based solutions, which help businesses take advantage of cloud computing benefits while also adhering to all compliance, security, and privacy requirements. Using the tools and frameworks of your choice, our DevOps experts can build, execute, and manage apps across your cloud platform. Hire DevOps consultants to revolutionize your business procedures and software.

It’s Easy To Hire DevOps Experts


Talk to our DevOps Consultants

Have a Chat with Kloudeo DevOps Industry Experts and share your scenarios to get the perfect plan for the project.


Scale your Team for your needs

Hire the top DevOps teams from Kloudeo and scale them up or down whenever you want.


Certified DevOps Engineers

We have certified DevOps developers to offer best-in-class services perfect for your businesses.


Work with Experts

Choose a devops expert to hire when you’re ready. Your new certified cloud DevOps expert will sign an NDA, and we’ll take care of the rest of the paperwork.

Benefit From Kloudeo’s End-to-End Consulting Services In Canada

We assist you in accelerating the product development life cycle and reducing the time-to-market. Our DevOps and cloud engineering teams support businesses with successful migration and optimization to adapt the products to changing market demands for peak performance.


DevOps Consulting Services

Our team of cloud consultants will help you embrace the most advanced Azure cloud platform to achieve the cloud-first transformation for your business.


Azure DevOps

Azure / AWS / Hybrid DevOps

Azure Optimization

DevOps Optimization

We thoroughly assess the performance of your environment to devise an effective optimization plan. Our Cloud DevOps consultants have expertise in all optimization processes following the best practices.

Azure Migration

DevOps Migration

Tools & Technology We Use

Let us assist you in maximizing your business’s success using a suite of powerful tools and technology.

Containers & Orchestration

Docker, Kubernetes

Docker Kubernetes


MYSQL, MongoDB, Cosmos DB, Maria DB

MySQL Cosmos DB Azure SQL Database

Infrastructure Provisioning And Management




Azure DevOps, Jenkins, GitHub, Bit Bucket pipelines

Azure DevOps JenkinsGitHub


Apache HTTP Server, Redis, ELK Stack, Nginx

NginX ELK Stack Apache Redis

Configuration Management




Azure Monitor, Application Insight, Prometheus, Grafana, Pingdom

Application Insights Prometheous Grafana Pingdom

What Remote Resources Do We Provide?

DevOps Engineers

Proficient in designing and developing DevOps development processes. Accelerating the software development lifecycle by automating CI/CD pipelines to manage code quality and security policies for deployment.

Hire DevOps Engineers

DevOps Consultants

Propose and implement cloud infrastructure transformation and automation depending on customer needs. We also assist in building, troubleshooting, and optimizing container-based cloud infrastructure.

Hire DevOps Consultants

DevOps Architects

Develop and implement cloud architecture while managing issues with migration. We calculate and describe the solutions required for cloud migration and ongoing operations.

Hire DevOps Architects

Our Different Business Models


Fixed Projects

  • Consultation encompassing the entire project lifecycle
  • Custom cloud solution as per your business requirement
  • Accelerating the speed to market applications
  • On-time delivery of projects
  • Fixed project cost

Dedicated DevOps team

  • Get a team of experts to integrate into your project
  • Works on hourly or monthly basis
  • Engagement model: Part-time or full time
  • Easily scale up or down as per your business needs

Get Resources On Demand

  • On-demand Cloud and DevOps professionals
  • Best works for short-term projects requiring remote resources.
  • Pay-per-hour policy
  • Meeting business demands efficiently

DevOps Engineers for Growing Development Teams

DevOps Consulting

Kloudeo provides highly client-oriented DevOps consultants. We provide DevOps consulting services to accelerate your journey to streamline workflow through automation as we integrate development and operation teams for a more effective work cycle.

DevOps CI/CD

Kloudeo DevOps consultants engineers are optimizing CI/CD pipelines to release code quickly and safely to both on-premise and Cloud-based environments.

DevOps Automation

Kloudeo always provides the quicker delivery of your projects and then our clients introduce them into the market which opens the gateway towards accelerated growth and success.

Accelerate Your Development with Kloudeo DevOps Services

Our commitment to transparency and quality will ensure that Kloudeo will be there for you

We are here to ensure your success with DevOps Consultants


DevOps Consulting Services- FAQs

How has cloud played its role in digital transformation?

Cloud solutions can transform your business through successful digital transformation. The cloud infrastructure is necessary for advanced development practices while providing flexible, on-demand resources. It allows businesses to adjust their infrastructure to fit shifting business objectives while reducing the danger of squandered IT resources.

Why DevOps consulting is the need of the hour?

DevOps consultancy is an effective practice in a world where quick product upgrades are necessary for client retention. It’s never been simpler for your clients to find a competitor if you take too long to fix that annoying bug or provide that feature they need, thanks to the growth of subscription-based SaaS services. DevOps consulting firms can create high-quality CI/CD pipelines using the best techniques and tools.

How does our DevOps consulting company benefit your enterprise?

 Our expertise ensures that our clients utilize AWS  / Azure Cloud platforms to their fullest potential. For enterprises looking to enhance their operations, Kloudeo provides comprehensive support in migrating mission-critical applications to the cloud with help of our DevOps Expert.

Where is DevOps consulting applicable?

Delivering projects and applications quickly is necessary to compete with competitors. Any conflicts between developers and operations professionals working on different phases of the project are quickly resolved by the DevOps team offered by various DevOps consulting firms. The DevOps consulting firms help create roadmap strategies and efficient DevOps execution practices to accelerate the speed of the software development lifecycle.


Kloudeo is striving hard to meet the needs of clients. Their services help clients to remain ahead of the technological curve and unlock business agility.

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Their services are up to the mark. Kloudeo provides a long list of reliable DevOps consulting services to help teams rapidly and reliably deploy and innovate.

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The engagement surpassed the internal team’s expectations. To ensure a seamless workflow, Kloudeo follows a comprehensive and trustworthy process.

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Awards & Industry

We are recognized as reliable experts in creating robust enterprise-grade solutions, using our expertise with Azure, AWS, Google  and modern data platforms.