Discover the Benefits and Challenges of DevOps Outsourcing: A Practical Guide

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DevOps Outsourcing

With the global shift to digitalization, many organizations are migrating their business to the cloud. This transformation requires exceptional DevOps services. At the same time, finding a skillful Microsoft Azure developer who can manage critical infrastructure smartly is difficult. Are you encountering the same obstacles on the path of the transformation journey? Are you searching for an effective solution? Many organizations have overcome this problem by DevOps outsourcing.  

Outsourcing DevOps to a trusted offshore company is a cost-effective approach to accelerate your speed and achieve better results. This article will provide a guideline about the pros, cons, and benefits of DevOps outsourcing. 

What Is DevOps Outsourcing? 

It is an effective approach that includes a third-party service provider. This offshore partner is responsible for designing, developing, and implementing DevOps solutions for your business. The outsourcing partner will provide a qualified team that will work with your in-house development team and controls day-to-day operations. 

Additionally, the provider will assist you in incorporating other DevOps practices tailored to your business needs. It may include continuous monitoring, testing, and implementing automation into the DevOps environment. If implemented properly, outsourcing DevOps can provide businesses quick access to highly qualified resources with rich experience. It is an efficient approach that will ultimately save companies a lot of time and the cost of making their own in-house DevOps teams.  

You can customize DevOps outsourcing services according to your company’s requirements. They usually cover: 

  • Continuous delivery and integration 
  • Cloud services, including migration and infrastructure 
  • Security audit 
  • Process optimization and automation 

How Does DevOps Outsourcing Work to Add Value to Your Business Project? 

In the current market, the demand for DevOps engineers is high. DevOps is an efficient software development method that integrates the development and operation process. Its primary goal is to increase the collaboration between the two departments to accelerate the software development lifecycle.  

Each software project requires a unique, customized approach. You should talk about your work scope with the service provider. We suggest you clear all your requirements in advance to avoid any conflict in the future. Work with a reliable DevOps Outsourcing partner who can assist you in continuous development, integration, deployment, and testing. 

Some of the most effective strategies for outsourcing DevOps include: 

  • Full-Service DevOps Management 

The outsourcing partner will work closely with your in-house team. He will support the team in the continuous development, testing, and deployment process of cloud applications. Also, the vendor will assist businesses in making and implementing DevOps processes from scratch. They will also support integrating DevOps practices into your existing infrastructure. 

  • DevOps Consulting 

DevOps experts will analyze your existing processes in detail. After carefully studying your current processes, they will offer suggestions to improve them. Also, they will support your organization in implementing changes in the most efficient way to attain your business requirements. 

  • Managing Operations  

Outsourcing operations management is an effective strategy to accelerate your processes. Your vendor will manage and control all operations. It will help your in-house teams focus on the areas that actually matter without worrying about the operations.  

  • DevOps Automation 

Automation is the key requirement of DevOps practice. You can outsource DevOps automation to an experienced outsourcing agency. Try partnering with a renowned DevOps Service provider who is capable of providing you with an expert resource to accelerate results and build a reliable and secure automated testing environment. 

  • Hire DevOps Specialists Tailored To Yous Business Needs

The vendors allow you to hire a full-time DevOps engineer for a long-time project. You can set the specifications tailored to your project requirements and financial constraints. 

To get a clearer idea about Outsourcing DevOps, we have listed the services Kloudeo is currently offering to clients worldwide. 

  • Azure app services 
  • Monitoring through application insight
  • Azure Automation 
  • Azure functions 
  • Virtual machine 
  • Load balancer 
  • Autoscaling 
  • Azure deployment environment 
  • Azure migrations 

Why Should You Consider Outsourcing DevOps for Your Next Business Project? 

With the advancement in technology, many businesses are actively adopting DevOps practices. Startups that are looking for different ways to attain market advantages should consider outsourcing DevOps services from a reliable vendor.  

Top 4 Advantages of Outsourcing DevOps  

DevOps seeks to bring the agile methodology to new heights. Some of the most common benefits that DevOps offers include the following:

Advantages Of DevOps Outsourcing

Advantages Of DevOps Outsourcing

1. Access To Pool of Talent Worldwide 

Due to the high demand and shortage of DevOps specialists, businesses prefer outsourcing DevOps services. Also, it allows you to access a global talent pool. Hence, it provides you with a wider range of options. On the other hand, hiring an in-house expert can be more challenging and expensive.  

 2. Cost-Effective Solutions 

DevOps automation automates most processes, saving you thousands of dollars. You will have a flexible pricing model if you outsource DevOps to a reliable vendor. It will be less expensive than recruiting an in-house resource. Also, it will lower specific financial risks, including office rent.  

3. Risk Management 

Outsourced DevOps teams usually have extensive backgrounds in the industries you require. Hence, they know how to manage things. Experienced DevOps specialists use the most advanced and modern techniques to reduce risks and address problems before they arise. 

4. Shorter Software Development Lifecycles 

When working with an outsourcing agency, businesses enjoy the full benefits of a top-tier DevOps experience. It includes efficient and open communication, the automation of most operations, and the continuous improvement of your product. DevOps engineers work closely with the development team from day one. It will ultimately accelerate your development process. 

Top 4 Disadvantages of Outsourcing DevOps  

Everything has some associated pros and cons. But, the advantages of DevOps always outweigh the disadvantages. Some of them may include: 

1. Restructuring Of Existing Work Model 

DevOps implementation in your start-up requires a significant cultural shift as it modifies the working model. Now, your team needs to focus on the product-centric full-lifecycle models rather than the project-based ones. It requires different teams to work as one unit to achieve a single goal. Applying this model to conservative environments that lack leadership skills is quite challenging. 

 2. Dissonance In Technology 

There are numerous technical issues associated with DevOps. The business needs to standardize and automate processes and technology. It could be challenging, especially for businesses with numerous platforms and apps. DevOps integration into an existing system without affecting its performance or security is also difficult. 

3. Requires Technical Knowledge 

Working with a DevOps team requires technical knowledge. It includes CI/CD processes, infrastructure, testing tools, and other crucial domains to set the right product requirements. Without the necessary knowledge, you will not be able to assign tasks and monitor the outcomes properly. 

4. No DevOps Standardization 

Currently, there is no DevOps standardization across the IT industry. As a result, many companies face challenges in adopting DevOps culture. Hence, organizations are required to make their own workflow, which takes a lot of time and cost. In addition, if there is a lack of leadership in the company, the DevOps adoption journey will become more difficult. 

Hire A Remote Azure Developer

Hiring an Azure Developer with exceptional skills is quite challenging. As we have already discussed, your team will need a specific level of competence in software engineering. Additionally, it is crucial to implement the DevOps culture. An outsourced DevOps team comes with its established culture and a common understanding of how developers and operations should collaborate. 

Choosing the right DevOps service provider is crucial as it supports implementing DevOps processes and practices in your business. Kloudeo provides premium quality services to clients all around the world. 



How To Protect Your Business Idea While Outsourcing DevOps for Start-ups? 

If you are concerned about your business idea, ask the DevOps outsourcing team to sign a confidential agreement. Even after the legal contract, you should be very careful while communicating about the project. Avoid sharing important information verbally. For a record, communicate through a follow-up email. It will assist you in making a solid case in order to protect your business idea. 

How Do You Ensure the Success of Outsourcing DevOps Services?  

Consider collaborating with a renowned outsourcing agency to ensure the successful outsourcing of DevOps. You should properly define and document your requirements. Ensure that the outsourcing agency is doing a scope lock to avoid any conflicts in the future. It will assure that you will receive the expected services within time and cost. 

What Are the Most Typical Mistakes People Make When Outsourcing DevOps services? 

Some of the most common mistakes that people usually make while outsourcing include: 

  • Outsourcing without evaluating your requirements and budget 
  • Partnering with an outsourcing agency without proper research 
  • No scope lock at the start 
  • Ignoring Data privacy and security protocols 

What Practices Should Start-ups Adopt to Hire Expert DevOps Engineers? 

Introducing a DevOps culture in your organization is like changing your car’s gears. After carefully analyzing its market reputation, you should collaborate with a renowned outsourcing agency. Work with an agency that encourages direct communication. Clearly define your requirements at the start and do proper documentation. Hence, it will allow you to hire an expert DevOps engineer with extensive experience who will give an innovative perspective on your project. 

Struggling finding out a skillful remote Azure DevOps engineer for your next business project? Consult with our team of experts at Kloudeo now! 


Written by Kashif Hassan


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