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Do DevOps better with our CI/CD specialist

The changing market trends and digital transformation for rapidly delivered products compelled businesses to seek ways to release constant updates and features to meet business challenges. Kloudeo is a one-stop shop for hiring talented CI/CD engineers. Our engineers work on a series of steps for building, testing, and delivering code to accelerate the software development process.

It’s Easy To Hire Azure CI/CD Pipeline Engineers From Kloudeo


Explain the degree of CI/CD expertise you are seeking for your project.

Share details about your project and tell us about the technical needs and hiring budget.


Receive the vetted candidate profiles that best fit your engineering needs.

The average time to match the ideal candidate is 3-4 working days.


Hire the best CI/CD engineers when you’re ready.

With our CI/CD engineers sign an NDA, then leave the rest of the paperwork to us.

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How CI/CD tools have transformed automation testing?

The core components of the DevOps approach are continuous integration and delivery. This methodology aims to bridge the gap between developers, testers, and operators by continuously integrating and thoroughly testing development work. It also uses automated pipelines to enable teams to release products and updates more quickly and consistently.

Continuous Integration

A DevOps software development method called continuous integration involves developers to merge their code changes in a single source code repository, followed by automated builds and tests. The main objective of continuous integration is to detect and fix issues more quickly, enhancing the quality of software and shortening the time it takes to validate and publish new software upgrades.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery is the process of preparing code updates for production deployment. Continuous delivery, a cornerstone of modern application development, builds on continuous integration by deploying any code alterations to testing or production environments following the build stage.

Whether they include a large-scale distributed system, a complex production environment, an embedded device, or an app, our objective is to make deployments predictable.

Benefits of CI/CD

Production of more dependable releases

The deployment of software with regular, minor updates carries less risk. In addition, with a smaller deployment footprint, it is simpler to identify the last deployment that introduced the issue to determine where a bug or error first appeared in the system.


Reducing the risk of failure

In-built automated test in CI/CD pipeline significantly reduces the likelihood and impact of failure. Developers gain confidence as automated testing detects the risk of code failures at an early stage. The ease of locating and resolving issues and the ability to restore the last good system state with version control repositories gives developers the confidence to innovate and take risks. Hire the best CI/CD Engineers to mitigate the risk of failure.


Increasing productivity

Continuous integration increases team productivity by relieving developers of manual activities and encouraging habits that decrease errors and bugs sent to the end user. Developers’ collaboration and efficiency can be improved the company’s time to market.


Faster time to market the software

We can gather customer input early with a shorter time to market with more regular software updates. Our clients are able to iterate their products and make quick improvements to meet market demands by gathering recent user feedback. Hire top CI/CD engineers and developers from Kloudeo to accelerate the software development lifecycle.

Why Hire Azure CI/CD Pipeline Engineers From Kloudeo?

Migration Cost

Meshing well with your needs

At Kloudeo, you can find the ideal CI/CD specialists well-versed in all the DevOps practices to accomplish your business objectives.

Quality and Reliability

Direct Communication


Work with the top talent

Increase Dev Potential

Quick turnaround time


Hire Azure CI/CD Pipeline Engineers-FAQs

How does Kloudeo choose the ideal CI/CD Expert?

For expert CI/CD engineers, we start by manually reviewing their profiles to make sure they have strong technical skills, proven track records, and other crucial factors. Then, to check their technical and other soft skills necessary for productive remote work, we evaluate their abilities in a technical interview or a peer programming session before conducting a final applicant screening. If all goes according to plan, we’ll have an onboarding call to welcome them to Kloudeo.

Are CI/CD Engineers in demand?

With the advancement in technology, there is a high demand for CI/CD engineers. Various small and large-scale businesses need a skilled CI/CD engineer to accelerate the software development lifecycle.

How do I hire a CI/CD Engineer from Kloudeo?

The hiring process is simple and easy for the convenience of our clients. After consultation and knowing your business needs, we filter out the ideal candidates that best suit your business goals. You will be happy to hire our CI/CD engineers who work on your schedule in an allotted time slot.

How are Kloudeo's CI/CD Engineers different?

Kloudeo provides top-tier and highly productive CI/CD engineers to ensure that pipelines are properly defined and working optimally. Our CI/CD engineers are only chosen following a series of demanding examinations in which their abilities are thoroughly assessed for all DevOps and agile practices. Our CI/CD engineers can enhance the integration using CI/CD tools and ensure the integration systems’ overall quality.

How much does it cost to hire dedicated CI/CD Engineers?

The cost of hiring CI/CD engineers from Kloudeo might vary depending on several factors, including experience, competence, expertise, and market demands. At Kloudeo, we can assure you that our prices are market competitive to provide the best possible Azure services.

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