Hire Cloud Architects For Future-Proof Cloud Solutions

Kloudeo’s specialized Cloud consultants pair you with an Cloud DevOps Architect to build, upgrade, optimize, and integrate all  cloud based products.

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Kloudeo- Choosing The Right Cloud Solutions For Your Business Needs

Our services for cloud computing with Cloud have assisted hundreds of businesses in creating, evaluating, developing and deploying solutions. However, we understand that you might have specific needs or desires for cloud architecture, and our cloud experts will provide you assistance throughout the process. Our certified Azure solutions architect will create, manage, and deploy apps using the frameworks of your choice, and complete the project on time

Our Key Offerings

Cloud Services

Azure Cloud Architects

At Kloudeo, our Cloud DevOps Architects have expertise in creating, deploying, and managing apps across various clouds. Our team possesses the technical know-how required to finish complex, multi-disciplinary cloud projects using different delivery techniques in the following areas of expertise

  • Cloud App Services
  • Cloud Kubernetes Service
  • Monitoring through Application Insight
  • Cloud Functions
  • Virtual Machine
  • Load Balancer
  • Auto-scaling
  • Cloud Arc
  • Cloud Deployment Environment
  • Cloud Migrations
  • Cloud Cosmos DB
  • Cloud Virtual Desktop

Four Easy Steps To Hire Cloud Architect

1. Inform Us About Your Requirements

(Our cloud consultants will spend considerable time to understand your needs thoroughly for the best cloud solutions.)

  • Describe the expertise and skill you are looking for in an Azure cloud architect. Tell us about your business objectives and technical needs; we at Kloudeo will try our best to provide viable solutions.

2. Enjoy Tailored Recommendations

(Get out of the hassle of reviewing multiple profiles and place your trust in Kloudeo. We will handpick 1-3 candidates that best suit your project requirements.)  

  • Time is a valuable commodity; make the most of our personalized, top-rated suggestions.

3. Interview To Check The Ideal Fit

(After carefully considering our Cloud Architect for the cultural and technical fit, you are ready to step forward.)

  • We provide ideal candidates that fit your engineering needs. To ensure the candidates are aligned with your product and business goals, engage with them.

4. Hire Cloud DevOps Architect

(After you hire Cloud DevOps Architects, our consultant ensures that you succeed in your goals.)

  • Choose a cloud architect to hire when you’re ready. Your new certified cloud architect will sign an NDA, and we’ll take care of the rest of the paperwork.

Why Hire a Cloud DevOps Architect From Us?

  • Certified cloud architects with a thorough understanding of solution architecture and design.
  • Knowledge about architectural standards and ability to adapt to universal product-specific requirements to provide quality cloud services.
  • Capable of identifying, communicating, and mitigating risk throughout a project.
  • Able to use analytics successfully during the design, problem-solving and architectural stages.
  • Provide technical leadership to lead the overall cloud journey successfully.

Ready To Approach Technology Differently 

AWS , Azure & Google Cloud offers all the tools and functionality necessary to support the development and management of your cloud-based technology solutions. You can deploy quickly, shorten the time it takes to market, and save extensive costs. You may achieve remarkable resilience and the capacity to scale up or down in just a few minutes.

Migrate And Modernize Using Cloud Migrate

Cloud Migrate offers a streamlined migration, modernization, and optimization service. The pre-migration stage includes discovery, evaluations, and proper scaling of resources for infrastructure, data, and apps.

Modernizing the cloud is a continual process that calls for managing significant organizational change in people, processes, and technology. By implementing a thorough strategy, we can ensure that your company takes advantage of benefits, such as efficiency and agility after migrating workloads to the cloud. Hire a cloud architect from Kloudeo to ease the process of migration to the cloud.

Making Cloud Infrastructure More Efficient

Cloud optimization can be time-consuming and challenging without the appropriate methods and tools. Our cloud architects are working to implement an increasing number of best practices and continually working on the changing workloads on the cloud. We use a proactive approach to ensure that the existing cloud resources operate properly to maximize your investment.

Hire Cloud Architects For End-To-End Security

Utilize an extensive selection of security tools and features to scale operations securely with incredible visibility and control. For any internal or external dangers, our Azure architects use automatic alerting. We also utilize Azure Sentinel, an innovative cloud-native SIEM-SOAR solution, to get a bird’s eye view of threats and their detection across all IT resources. Sentinel in conjunction with Microsoft Defender, Cloud App Security, and other tools, gets superior security for all linked servers, networks, platforms, apps, edge, and IoT environments.


Hire Cloud DevOps Architects -FAQs

What Is The Role Of The Cloud DevOps Architect?

Designing and executing cloud computing solutions primarily falls within the purview of the cloud architect. The key responsibility is developing the cloud infrastructure, application architecture, and security architecture.

What Advantages Do Hiring An Cloud Solution Architect Offer To A Company?

The primary purpose of hiring cloud architects is to evaluate fundamental business problems and develop appropriate end-to-end cloud-based solutions. In addition, they are responsible for developing architecture road maps and cloud strategies, installing Azure resources, enhancing SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS processes and structures, moving data from conventional database systems to databases.

How Kloudeo Plays Its Part In Providing Trustworthy Cloud Services?

Cloud solution architects for hire are easily accessible at Kloudeo. With in-depth knowledge of cloud architecture, they are able to design, develop and manage robust, scalable, secure and dynamic solutions to drive business objectives.

What Is The Qualification Required For An Cloud Architect?

The System Architect Expert certification is one of the important aspects of the credibility of cloud DevOps architects. For this cloud architects possess in-depth knowledge of creating hybrid solutions using Microsoft Azure that includes computing, network, storage, monitoring, and security.

A solution architect collaborates with programmers and administrators to implement solutions. The responsibilities in this position include providing guidance to stakeholders and converting business needs into designs for safe, scalable, and dependable solutions.

How Do Kloudeo Cloud Engineers Differ From Competitors?

Kloudeo engineers are professionals who create, connect, and maintain cloud systems within a company. We provide top-notch and extremely productive cloud engineers for all remote work. Hire cloud engineers from Kloudeo to efficiently manage all the technical responsibilities associated with maintaining cloud infrastructure and platform.

Awards & Industry

We are recognized as reliable experts in creating robust enterprise-grade solutions, using our expertise with Microsoft Azure and modern data platforms.