Hire Azure DevOps Engineer Remotely To Scale Indefinitely

Kloudeo’s exclusive Azure DevOps consultants pair you with remote Azure DevOps Engineers for scalable and potent end-to-end automation solutions to speed up the software development lifecycle.

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Your Go-To Azure DevOps Company

DevOps, a cultural revolution, goes above and beyond technology and tools with its agile development practices. Our Azure DevOps consulting services are tailored to remove dysfunctional processes that impede the development and performance of products.

Kloudeo provides end-to-end, goal-driven solutions, from deploying a cloud-based application to moving your app, website, or business system to Microsoft Azure Cloud. Enhance your cloud solutions with a continuous delivery approach and improve collaboration with Azure DevOps services.

Our key offerings

Azure DevOps Engineering Services

Azure DevOps Engineer

To efficiently bridge the gap between your development and operations teams, hire Azure DevOps engineers. Our team possesses the technical know-how required to finish complex, multi-disciplinary Azure DevOps Engineering projects using different delivery techniques in the following areas of expertise

  • Azure App services
  • Monitoring through Application Insight
  • Azure Functions
  • Virtual Machine
  • Load Balancer
  • Autoscaling
  • Azure Deployment Environment
  • Azure Migrations

4 Simple Steps To Hire Azure Engineer

Inform Us About Your Requirements

(Our Azure DevOps consultants will spend considerable time to understand your needs thoroughly for the best cloud solutions.)

  • Describe the expertise and skill you are looking for in an Azure DevOps engineer. Tell us about your business objectives and technical needs; we at Kloudeo will try our best to provide viable solutions

Enjoy Tailored Recommendations

(Get out of the hassle of reviewing multiple profiles and place your trust in Kloudeo. We will handpick 1-3 candidates that best suit your project requirements.)

  • Time is a valuable commodity; make the most of our personalized, top-rated suggestions.

Interview To Check The Ideal Fit

(After carefully considering our Azure DevOps engineer for the cultural and technical fit, you are ready to step forward.)

  • We provide ideal candidates that fit your engineering needs. To ensure the candidates are aligned with your product and business goals, engage with them.

Hire Dedicated Azure DevOps Engineer

(After you hire Azure engineer, our azure consultant ensures you succeed in your goals.)

  • Choose a DevOps engineer to hire when you’re ready. Your new certified Microsoft Azure DevOps engineer will sign an NDA, and we’ll take care of the rest of the paperwork.

Why Hire Azure DevOps Engineer From Us?

  • Precise and quick understanding of customer requests.
  • Microsoft Azure Certified professionals, therefore delivering high-quality services.
  • Thorough knowledge of DevOps tools and kit.
  • Ability to analyze and adapt code.
  • Constantly monitor and deploy applications.
  • Have the ability to move and use the required product components.
  • Easily work with Azure cloud architecture, multiple concepts and scenarios

Kloudeo Six Steps To Successful Project Delivery

Project Receiving

Our set of trusted clients and stakeholders request the Azure DevOps project and share the detail of them which they are actually looking for. 

Requirements Gathering

The Azure DevOps Consultants gather and analyze the project requirements. The major focus is on choosing the ideal process and planning for the designated project.

CI/CD Pipelines

The designated teams at Kloudeo create the Azure DevOps pipelines to build and test. CI/CD pipelines are a series of steps that are performed to deliver a new version of the software.

Leading Azure DevOps Tools

Kloudeo works on the industry-leading infrastructure management services, monitoring, and automation tools which are ideal for an organic and successful DevOps journey.


Support provides continuous monitoring builds of Integration and deployment which help to develop and deliver software faster and more reliably to provide continuous value to our clients.

Project Delivery

Kloudeo always provides the quicker delivery of your projects and then our clients introduce them into the market which opens the gateway towards accelerated growth and success.


Azure DevOps Automation – The Best DevOps Practice

Throughout the software development lifecycle, repetitive and manual processes can be automated using specialized software tools and methodologies; this practice or discipline is known as DevOps automation.

Azure DevOps helps users set and maintain CI/CD pipelines for their software projects. In addition, it offers various developer services that aid teams in task planning, code development collaboration and deployment of apps.

Hire Remote Azure DevOps Engineers For Automation

A software build is a procedure that transforms source code and other development artifacts into a software product that users can execute and utilize. For Azure DevOps development, Kloudeo provides top-tier and trained Azure DevOps engineers to develop and automate CI/CD pipelines. You can hire Azure DevOps developers to perform the following steps:

  • Source code compilation (In the programming language of your choice)
  • Archiving compressed target files (such as ZIP or WAR)
  • Making software packages ready for automation and deployment
  • Conducting tests automatically on the build
  • Deploying software in a target environment

Continuous Integration And Delivery

Are you thinking of cutting down the deployment time with the help of a DevOps engineer? Worry not, and hire Azure DevOps engineers to create, plan and maintain pipelines for continuous integration and delivery using Jenkins, GitLab and Azure pipelines. Our DevOps experts can efficiently reduce deployment time from hours to minutes.

Track Performance And Make Changes To Optimise Efficiently

Monitoring the effectiveness and results of your DevOps implementation is essential. This can help you identify areas that are working effectively and those that want improvement or optimization. If any issues arise, it’s essential to take action as soon as possible to reduce their detrimental effects on productivity and efficiency.

Through collaboration, teamwork, and consistent effort, our Azure DevOps team can successfully lead to successful DevOps transformation. We provide the assistance and resources required for businesses to succeed in the DevOps journey.


Hire Remote Azure DevOps Engineers-FAQs

When should I hire Azure DevOps Engineer?

If you have a web application or digital product with several services and want to increase your web development efficiency or distribute your system and services, you need a DevOps engineer.

At Kloudeo, our DevOps engineers are skilled in automation and can efficiently automate the entire DevOps pipeline. They can briskly comprehend CI/CD pipelines, app performance monitoring, infrastructure and configurations, and more.

Is Azure DevOps expensive?

DevOps professionals are highly sought after and can be pricey. A costly initiative results from automation, additional software tools, and other necessary operational costs.

For what other talents can I hire Kloudeo's remote DevOps engineer?

You can find the top remote Azure DevOps engineers with Kloudeo for different skills, including Azure DevOps for .Net, Node.js, PHP, Python, Angular, Ruby, Android, iOS etc. Additionally, Kloudeo provides Azure DevOps teams based on seniority and tech stack.

What sets the Kloudeo DevOps team apart from other businesses?

Kloudeo provides first-rate and extraordinarily productive Azure DevOps engineers certified by Microsoft Azure. Our Azure DevOps engineers are only chosen after passing a series of examinations in which their abilities are thoroughly assessed. For your convenience, our remote Azure DevOps engineers work according to your time zone.

Are Azure DevOps engineers in demand?

DevOps engineers are in high demand right now because they automate and streamline the software deployment process for your business. As a result, the field of Azure DevOps offers a variety of opportunities. Kloudeo simplifies the hiring process for your business by providing certified remote Azure DevOps experts.

Awards & Industry

We are recognized as reliable experts in creating robust enterprise-grade solutions, using our expertise with Microsoft Azure and modern data platforms.