Hire Cloud Engineers For DevOps Services

The power of Microsoft Azure, Google, AWS Cloud  is brought out best by Kloudeo, who provides top-rated cloud engineers for full-fledged cloud services.

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Leverage The Power Duo Of Cloud And Kloudeo

Cloud platform Azure provides an extensive range of services, including computing, databases, storage, Kubernetes, and networking. At Kloudeo, hire cloud engineer who assists you in creating a development roadmap. We’ll assess the risks, uphold best practices, and construct an adequate architected system for you.

Our Key Offerings

Cloud Services

Azure Cloud Engineer

Your company is distinct, and the cloud that serves it also needs to be. No matter how ambitious your objectives are, our top-notch Microsoft cloud engineers will work with you to create the cloud applications you deserve, from the initial brainstorming session to the server deployment and beyond. Our team possesses the technical know-how required to finish complex, multi-disciplinary Microsoft cloud projects using different delivery techniques in the following areas of expertise

  • Cloud App services
  • Monitoring Through Application Insight
  • Cloud Functions
  • Virtual Machine
  • Load Balancer
  • Autoscaling
  • Cloud Cosmos DB
  • Cloud Deployment Environment
  • Cloud Migrations

Four Easy Steps To Hire Cloud Engineer

Inform Us About Your Requirements

(Our cloud consultants will spend considerable time to understand your needs thoroughly for the best cloud solutions.)

  • Describe the expertise and skill you are looking for in an Cloud engineer. Tell us about your business objectives and technical needs; we at Kloudeo will try our best to provide viable solutions.

Enjoy Tailored Recommendations

(Get out of the hassle of reviewing multiple profiles and place your trust in Kloudeo. We will handpick 1-3 candidates that best suit your project requirements.)

  • Time is a valuable commodity; make the most of our personalized, top-rated suggestions.

Interview To Check The Ideal Fit

(After carefully considering our Azure DevOps engineer for the cultural and technical fit, you are ready to step forward.)

  • We provide ideal candidates that fit your engineering needs. To ensure the candidates are aligned with your product and business goals, engage with them.

Hire Cloud Engineer

(After you hire an cloud engineer, our consultant ensures that you succeed in your goals.)

  • Choose a Cloud engineer to hire when you’re ready. Your new certified Microsoft Azure Cloud engineer will sign an NDA, and we’ll take care of the rest of the paperwork.
Who we are

Why Hire Cloud Engineers From Us?

  • Works in collaboration with the engineering teams to optimize data migration to cloud servers and instill the best cloud-based solutions.
  • Define and implement the best methods and practices for deploying applications and maintaining infrastructure.
  • Ensure application size, performance and uptime while upholding strict code criteria.
  • Manage cloud infrastructures in compliance with the organization’s security policies.
Kloudeo DevOps Adoption

Top Cloud Services Capabilities To Use For Your Business

With businesses moving swiftly to the cloud, Cloud services are the top choice for many enterprises. Cloud engineers provide viable cloud solutions to accelerate the process of software development while maintaining the overall infrastructure in compliance with the security of a particular business. Cloud is proving its worth in all areas, from networking to storage with several unbeatable advantages.

Cloud Strategy Services

Are you ready to utilize our latest cloud-ready strategies? Hire a cloud engineer who quickly identifies your company’s needs, and creates a unique cloud architecture plan to get the most out of the cloud platform. As a result, we unleash operational excellence for the future and give an end-to-end intelligent cloud experience.

Cloud Compute

Hire Cloud cloud engineers to utilize state-of-the-art hardware with Cloud computing to scale Linux and Windows virtual machines (VMs) easily. In addition, you can increase high availability for application development by using serverless architecture and auto-scaling.

Large and small-scale businesses can hire remote cloud engineers to quickly build scalable cloud applications, microservices, and APIs on top of the updated infrastructure with the help of Cloud Services.

Cloud Migration

Are you planning to migrate to the Cloud? Hire remote cloud engineers from Kloudeo for market-leading Cloud Adoption Framework for deployments on many clouds (public, private and hybrid cloud). Access the innovative approach to cloud deployment to maximize advantages, and minimize costs and disruption.

Our Cloud Migration methodology provides a seamless migration regardless of the current hosting location of your apps. Your company may benefit from the scalability, flexibility, cost savings, and backup storage with cloud migration. You may easily move your web services, apps, databases, networks, systems, and servers to Azure without causing any disruption to your business operations or information loss.

Cloud App Services

Hire cloud engineers to work with Azure app services, a platform as a service that is used to run web, mobile and API applications and automatically manage the resources needed by all these applications. Using azure app services, our cloud engineers can aptly perform the following tasks

  1. Easily identify apps with faults or high latency 
  2. Monitors the use of your web applications, function applications, and app service plans.
  3. Gain insight about the price of your App Service Plans by visualising the number of active instances and identifying the running apps that send traces or logs to Datadog.
  4. To identify apps running on specific App Service Plans that may influence prices or performance.

Hire Cloud Engineers-FAQs

What Workloads Can I Transfer To The Cloud?

There are numerous ways to move workloads to the cloud; most will depend on your company’s cloud strategy. You can gradually migrate your entire IT system or simply a single operation to the cloud, as per your requirement.

Most firms use the cloud for both short-term and long-term data backup. In reality, there is a lot of appeal in the ability to spin up environments quickly, scale them up or down as needed, and access data from any location.

What Are The Primary Functions Of Cloud Services?

The serverless cloud service enables businesses to write less code, use less equipment, and save additional costs. With cloud services, businesses don’t have to worry about setting up and maintaining servers because the cloud architecture provides all the modern resources required to keep apps functioning.

How Many Different Cloud Service Roles Does Offer?

A collection of application and configuration files make up cloud service roles. offers two different categories of roles

  1. Web role: This offers an Internet Information Services (IIS) dedicated web server for hosting and automatically deploying front-end websites.
  2. Worker role: These roles often don’t require IIS and assist the applications hosted within them in running asynchronously for more extended periods while remaining independent of user interactions. They are also perfect for running background operations. The programmes are administered independently of one another.
How To Optimize Cloud Costs?

Cost management is one of the crucial aspects of cloud deployment because the pay-as-you-go concept may result in cost overruns. Our professionals are hired to implement cost-saving strategies to increase the value of investments. Majorly cloud engineers access Cost Analysis Reports in the Cost Management module. This tool allows administrators to assess current spending, identify cost anomalies, forecast invoice amounts, and allocate expenditures among departments.

What Sets Kloudeo's Cloud Engineers Apart From Competitors?

We offer cloud specialists who design, integrate, and manage cloud platforms for particular business needs. Hire cloud engineers from Kloudeo to efficiently manage all the technical responsibilities associated with maintaining cloud infrastructure and platform.

Awards & Industry

We are recognized as reliable experts in creating robust enterprise-grade solutions, using our expertise with Microsoft Azure and modern data platforms.