How To Hire Remote Azure Developers In 2023?

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How To Hire Remote Azure Developer?

Are you considering moving your system, database, and networks to the cloud? Microsoft Azure is one of the most reliable cloud providers. It is growing fast and leading the global market. Remote Azure developers can effectively help you with this migration. Also, they develop cloud-native applications for your business.

They have extensive knowledge and expertise in development, testing, deployment, and security. If you are looking for expert Azure Developers to improve your company’s market advantage, we are here to help. This article will provide a complete guideline for hiring a professional Microsoft Azure Developer. 

What Is Microsoft Azure? 

It is a public cloud computing platform providing multiple cloud solutions, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Microsoft Azure is considered a vital tool to help you improve your organization’s growth.

It offers a diverse range of resources and cloud services that you can access via an active internet connection and Azure subscription. By utilizing the Azure services, you can store and transform a large amount of data tailored to your company’s requirements.

What Are the Primary Responsibilities of Azure Developers? 

The overall job responsibilities of a Microsoft Azure Developer are usually determined by the services the organization is availing from Azure. His primary role is to: 

  • Work with stakeholders and end users to determine the business’s requirements. 
  • Manage and maintain the cloud platform by utilizing all its advantages.  
  • Create and optimize CI/CD pipelines. 
  • Frequent communication with team members and stakeholders throughout the development process to monitor progress. 
  • Design, develop, test, and deploy cloud-native applications in Microsoft Azure environments utilizing different programming languages. 
  • Evaluate the finest approach to resolve issues. 
  • Work with the QA team to ensure system integrity. 

What Are the Top Skills Needed for Microsoft Azure Developers?  

A skillful Azure developer should have the following-mentioned skill set. 

  • He should have basic understanding of different programming languages, including Java, Python, C#, JavaScript, Angular, Dot Net, etc.  
  • Possess extensive skills and expertise in designing, developing, testing, and deploying cloud-native applications. 
  • Good understanding and expertise in continuous integration and testing practices. 
  • Perform unit and integration testing throughout the development lifecycle. 
  • Capable enough to work with the Quality Assurance team to identify, monitor, and control issues. 
  • Expertise in troubleshooting and assisting other teams if they encountered any problems. 
  • Providing support to Operations Team if they face any environmental problems during system deployment. 
How To Hire Remote Azure Developers In 2023?

How To Hire Remote Azure Developers In 2023?

What Is the Importance of Azure Developers in The Digital World? 

With the advancement in technology, many businesses are considering migrating their system and applications to the cloud. Here comes the role of remote Azure Developers. They manage this migration efficiently and effortlessly. Additionally, they are experts in creating efficient cloud solutions. Azure specialists keep themselves involved in the entire software development lifecycle, from development to deployment and maintenance.  

They ensure continuous delivery and feedback throughout the development process. They have expertise in designing zero-defect applications that provide premium services to the targeted audience. With the help of Azure developers, you can quickly respond to your consumer’s demands by accessing the platform’s scalable cloud.  

Also, they help you make and implement an effective marketing strategy to reach the targeted market. By availing the services of Azure experts, you can save a lot of time and resources and make the best use of existing systems. 

Top 4 Steps To Hire A Remote Azure Developer

Before starting a hiring process, you should know what expertise your organization is actually looking for. Hiring a skillful Azure specialist is a daunting task. Your organization needs a proper recruitment process to hire the right talent into your company who is capable enough to carry out all operations efficiently. If you are not a technical manager and are looking to hire top Azure developers, we recommend you consult Kloudeo. 

1. Pre-Employment Tests  

Although finding a skillful Azure Developer is challenging, many people will apply for the open position of this role. Now you need to hire the best-fit applicant and screen out the candidates who do not match your criteria. Here comes the role of pre-employment tests. No matter the number of applicants, the hiring manager only needs to click one button to distribute this test.  

It is a standardized approach to testing applicants’ qualifications during the hiring process. These tests are cost-effective and save a lot of time for the company and candidates. Some of the most common Pre-employment tests include: 

  • Aptitude Test 
  • Personality Test 
  • Emotional Intelligence Test 
  • Risk Test 

2. Skill Test 

Do you want to verify the claims of the candidates they make in their CVs? Consider including skill test in your recruitment process. Integrating this test will not only strengthen the hiring process but also save the company a lot of time and money. Also, it will help you identify the expert Microsoft Azure developers before the interview. 

3. Interviewing the Selected Candidates 

The interviewing phase is the most important phase of the recruitment process. The selected candidates will be invited for an interview. At this stage, you learn more about the applicant, which helps you analyze more about the claims they made in their CV.   

An experienced remote Azure developer should have extensive knowledge and expertise regarding the Azure platform. During the interview, you should test his monitoring and testing skills. For this purpose, you can give him some tasks. These may include finding errors in already written code. 

The hiring manager should ask the candidate the relevant questions regarding Azure DevOps. It is recommended to draft an interview guideline including all the questions you want to ask the applicant. Also, we suggest asking for assistance from the technical person for the interview. 

4. Include Microsoft Azure Test  

Do you want to ensure that whoever you hire for your organization possesses the required skills? Although pre-employment tests and interviews will give you an idea about the candidate’s capabilities.

But, incorporating an Azure assessment in your hiring process can help you quickly identify and hire Azure developers with exceptional skills.  

Why Should You Consider Azure Certification While Hiring Azure Developers? 

Certification increases the credibility of Azure developers. Employers usually prefer such candidates because they are more productive and add significant value to the organization

Certified Azure developers work on consistent standards and keep themselves updated with the ever-changing technologies. Also, it improves customer satisfaction (internal and external). Hiring certified people will play a crucial role in decreasing staff turnover. 

How Much Does It Cost Organizations to Hire Azure Developers? 

As more and more businesses are migrating to the cloud, the demand for skilled cloud Azure developers is increasing every day. In most countries, their salary is very high. Their package depends on the location and the years of experience they have in Azure DevOps. Several studies suggest that the average salary of Micrpsoft Azure developers is between $24.000 to $85.000.  

  • How To Calculate Azure Development Rate for Your Next Business Project? 

Microsoft Azure is leading the global market and growing at a rapid speed. It offers a wide range of cloud computing services at customizable prices. Also, it offers different discounts and pricing models. A basic understanding of this platform can help you hire a skilful Azure developer at a market rate. You can estimate and calculate the cost using the following: 


What Is the Primary Benefit Azure Provides to Developers? 

Azure offers a diverse range of services designed for hybrid clouds. It is a cost-effective platform that allows developers to maintain less infrastructure. Now, you do not need to worry about deploying and maintaining independent servers. This platform provides all the advanced resources needed to run your cloud-native applications. 

Why Should You Prefer Hiring Remote Azure Developers? 

Due to the pandemic situation created by COVID, most businesses adopted the idea of working remotely. Today, most business owners understand that working from home is a new future. Employees have adapted this thing efficiently to make sure the continuity of business. There are several benefits of hiring azure developers including: 

  • Hire the best talent from all around the world  
  • Higher Productivity 
  • Lower infrastructure cost 
  • Scalability 

Does The Azure Developer Need Coding? 

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform providing a wide range of services, most of which do not require coding. The Azure web portal comes with all the necessary functionality to develop, deploy, and manage cloud-native applications, software, systems, games, etc. Microsoft Azure developers manage cloud infrastructure. They do not require any previous coding experience.  

Hire Remote Azure Developer  

Microsoft Azure is the leading cloud platform that makes the development and deployment of systems more rapid and convenient. The azure expert can help you select the right tool to implement cloud applications. 

Are you facing trouble finding a professional remote Azure Developer? At Kloudeo, we provide highly experienced and certified Azure developers at reasonable prices, along with the added project management service. 

If you need to hire top Azure resources to get started with your business project, contact us now! 

Written by Kashif Hassan


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