Local vs Overseas Azure DevOps Engineers – Which is Right for Your Business?

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Local vs Overseas Azure DevOps Engineers

Overseas Azure DevOps engineers typically have more experience working with diverse clients and cultures and have access to the latest developments in technology. Local Azure DevOps engineers have a good understanding of local market trends and regulations and can offer more cost-effective solutions. This article will help you decide whether to outsource Azure DevOps teams or work with in-house teams. 

Outsourcing Overseas 

Outsourcing Azure DevOps Engineers is an effective and cost-effective strategy for every business. At some points, entrepreneurs realize that their in-house team does not possess enough skills to complete a project efficiently.  

Are you starting a project in a completely different field? You should consider outsourcing it. With millions of jobs being outsourced yearly, you do not need to limit yourself to your own country. You can find incredible technical skills to help you grow your business if you increase the geography of outsourcing businesses on your shortlist. 

Many business owners prefer working with outsourced developers. At the same time, others avoid this because of their horrible past experiences. This article will help you decide whether to outsource Azure DevOps teams or work with in-house teams. 

Top 4 Advantages of Hiring Overseas Azure DevOps Specialists 

Outsourcing the Azure DevOps team is the most effective and cost-effective strategy. In the past few years, many companies have recognized the importance of outsourcing. As a result, the value of the remote team has increased. Hiring an outsourcing team can help you save thousands of dollars. Here are some other benefits of outsourcing overseas:

1. Cost-Effective 

The labor cost is much lower when you outsource overseas. Why pay a local DevOps specialist $200/hr when you can get the same amount and quality of work in half of it from another country? Outsourcing is a cost-effective strategy that can save you a lot of money.  

2. No Long-Term Commitments 

By outsourcing the DevOps team, you have the option to hire Azure DevOps Engineers for a shorter time tailored to your project requirements. Also, you can hire the expert team on a project basis. Hence, you do not need to make long-term commitments. It is beneficial when you require one skill set for now but need completely different skills in the following months. 

3. Faster Project Delivery 

Outsourcing Azure Specialists overseas saves you recruiting costs and the time you spend on the hiring process. Collaborating with an outsourcing vendor can assist you in hiring pre-vetted experts who can immediately start work without compromising on quality. It will ultimately result in faster project delivery. 

4. Utilizing Advanced Tools and Technologies 

Outsourcing DevOps team allows you to apply the latest and advanced technologies to your project. To stand out from the competitors in this ever-changing IT industry, overseas experts keep themselves updated with the changing technology. Hence, you do not need to waste time and money to train your in-house team. Outsource teams already know how to use the tools and technologies for your project. 

Top 4 Disadvantages of Hiring Overseas Azure DevOps Specialists 

Some of the most common disadvantages that entrepreneurs face while outsourcing overseas include the following: 

1. Data Security 

Many businesses owners fear outsourcing because of data security and privacy concerns. During the software development process, the leakage of the company’s private information can occur due to the involvement of a third party. You can ensure the security of your company’s valuable information through different contracts and agreements.  

2. Quality 

Quality assurance and quality control are some of the top concerns when outsourcing overseas. Monitoring the remote team is a daunting task. Sometimes, they provide you with work that is totally opposite to your requirements.  

3. Language Barrier 

DevOps team needs continuous collaboration with other team members throughout the project. When outsourcing overseas, collaboration is a key concern. Depending on the country from where you hire an Azure Developer, there may be significant cultural differences concerning the statement of work. Azure experts from different countries and backgrounds sometimes do not fully understand your expectations. In order to have a positive outsourcing experience, consider writing clear and detailed requirements. 

4. Managing Time Zone Differences

Many business owners do not like the concept of working remotely with a Azure developer sitting in a different time zone. They might have to get out of bed in the middle of the night for conference calls with the team. As a result, it will affect the productivity of the team. 

Top 4 Advantages of Hiring Full-Time Azure DevOps Engineers 

1. Full Operational Control 

Hiring in-house staff will allow you to train the team tailored to your project requirements. Hence, you can ensure they understand the advanced tools and technology to develop and deliver products in line with your business requirements. 

2. Understand Company’s Values 

In-house DevOps specialists are more familiar with the company’s vision and mission. As a result, the internal team can easily fit into the corporate culture, enabling the in-house developers to deliver more valuable work. 

3. Continuous Collaboration 

The communication process is facilitated and becomes less complicated by having all cross-disciplinary teams present at the same location and time. Face-to-face interactions help reduce the chance of miscommunication and increase effectiveness and productivity. 

4. Dedicated Team 

One primary advantage of hiring full-time Azure engineers is that they become dedicated team members for your company. It means that they are fully committed to your project and are available to work on it for extended periods of time. Additionally, full-time specialists can provide consistent and regular communication, which can help ensure that the project is on track. With a dedicated team of full-time DevOps experts, your company can experience higher productivity and quality. 

Top 4 Disadvantages of Hiring Full-Time Azure DevOps Engineers 

1. High Cost 

It costs more to hire an internal workforce than to outsource overseas. The hiring procedure will demand significant financial investment from you. Additionally, you must make space at the workplace for each new hire or even rent or buy a new office due to team expansion. The complete cost includes a variety of charges, including overhead salaries, infrastructure costs, training costs, taxes, employee benefits, and more. 

2. Prolonged Pause Leads to Project Failure 

In this digital era, many innovations occur every day that require quick implementation. But not every developer is committed enough to update their skill with the recent trends. It will ultimately result in a talent shortage for that specific skill set. Hence, finding and persuading a technical expert to join your organization will take a lot of time. While searching for the desired talent, you have to pause your project. Prolonged pauses will become a barrier for your company to stay competitive in the market. Also, it is an undesirable situation that will lead to project failure. 

3. High Employee Turnover Rate 

Azure experts with technical skills frequently change jobs. It occurs due to the high demand for skillful specialists and the offers of attractive incentives from other companies. As a result, there is always a chance that your in-house Azure DevOps engineer will quit during a crucial stage of an ongoing project. 

4. Absence Issues 

If any team members get sick or quit the job at the critical phase of an ongoing project, you will have to hire new people. It will ultimately cost time and money, or you will have to postpone projects. 

How to Ensure Your Outsourced Overseas Team Is Responsive? 

We recommend you work with outsourced resources who respond quickly. When you hire a new outsource developer, you might want daily builds from their updated source code. Also, you will require daily reports on their progress on the project. Communication is crucial when working with someone sitting in a different time zone. During the interview or application process, a slow response time by the candidate is a sign that it is time to move on to the next candidate. 

Additionally, you should confirm while outsourcing overseas that they are not currently employed elsewhere. It will be more difficult for the developer to provide his undivided attention and deliver the project on time if they are working on multiple projects simultaneously. 

How Can You Outsource Overseas Without Experiencing Risks? 

It takes time to find a reliable outsourced development company. Do thorough research before hiring. Don’t just choose a company and hire them immediately. If you do so, you could end up becoming the business that avoids outsourcing because of the inevitable negative experience. Be dynamic in your investigation; visit the websites of prior clients, look up the profiles of an online outsourced company, and check any reviews. Also, ask multiple technical questions during interviews. 

Hire A Top Team of Top Azure DevOps Engineers 

Do you want to hire remote Azure Developers for your upcoming project? Kloudeo is a trusted outsourcing partner offering a wide range of Azure DevOps services worldwide. We have a team of certified DevOps specialists with extensive experience helping startups and enterprises develop and deploy cloud applications. When outsourcing your business projects to us, you can expect the following things from us:  

  • We offer our support in legal and administrative issues of your company. We can assist you in incorporating DevOps culture into your organization. 
  • We provide you with a team of skillful Azure developers and project managers following your time zone. 
  • We provide a diverse range of flexible pricing models to hire our resources for your business project with the on-demand increase or decrease of the overseas outsourced team. 
  • We ensure the privacy of your confidential information.

For any further queries, contact our team experts at Kloudeo today! 


Written by Kashif Hassan


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